Ana Plavetić

With this project, we are developing an interdisciplinary curriculum intended for high school students of science and mathematics directions. It represents an upgrade and an innovative approach by introducing new teaching in science and mathematics gymnasiums, new thematic current subjects and teaching contents, models, practical exercises, and project work.

The development of a digital platform that will unite curricula, digital materials and teaching tools provides support to teachers in the way of the availability of all project results applicable in schools. Project priorities are aligned with national ones’ priorities in the environment and the fight against climate change. The planned project activities are in every respect acceptable to the environment and include green practices in all aspects. Thematically, our project is focused on the development of individual competencies sectors that are relevant to sustainability, climate change mitigation and future-oriented curriculum. It is visible from the planned activities, which are aimed at the development and implementation of new teaching models in the area, then through encouraging students to question and think critically through the introduction of practical exercises related to the topic of climate change and geophysics where students develop environmental awareness.

Project activities and their results will initiate innovative ways of preparing students and teachers and positive one’s change (e.g. saving resources, reducing energy consumption and waste, compensating the carbon footprint of emissions or choosing sustainable options when it comes to food and mobility etc.). They will be at all mobilities, field classes, and meetings to ensure the separation of waste (paper, plastic, and organic waste). Travel will take place by road whenever possible except of course more distant partners.

Through this project, we will develop online teaching materials and practical guidelines in various forms (video instructions, online quizzes, digital brochures, and digital instructions) which enable the online acquisition of skills necessary for the implementation of the new curriculum in practice. The developed curriculum on the digital platform will function as an upgrade to the teaching one curricula of science and mathematics high schools. Teachers and high school students will be able to perform practical exercises in the field of artificial intelligence. In addition to the application of technology, students and teachers will also consider ethical questions that arise in the application of artificial intelligence where students develop critical thinking, analytical skills and raise their own values and the values of other people and improve their ability to think and act and contribute to solving bioethics everyday problems.