Gimnazija Vič is a secondary school in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Just a short walk from the city centre, it has been providing a high level of education across a wide range of subjects to students for over 90 years. Currently, we have about 760 students and around 50 members of teaching staff.

Within the Slovenian education system, students spend four years studying at a “Gimnazija” and all students from Gimnazija Vič then go on to study at university or specialist college. Although work in the classroom is important, the school takes pride in its broad range of extracurricular activities which allow students to pursue and develop their own interests and talents.

In everything we do, the idea of cooperation with other institutions and organisations is important to us. Our experiences have shown that by working with people and groups in Slovenia and in other countries around the world, we are able to give the best possible opportunities to our students.

The vision for our school and the goals we wish to achieve are the result of cooperation between our students, their parents, the teachers of all the different subjects taught here, and the leadership of the school. “Through their four years of education here, every student at Gimnazija Vič will develop their knowledge and skills with a specific academic approach, will get the chance to express their individuality, and will learn how to live and work within the wider community.” We aim to use our role as a “Gimnazija” to give our students all the greatest opportunities within their secondary level education. We provide them with the foundation to achieve success at university and in their future career through a high level of academic knowledge, communication skills, strong values within their community, a respect for their society, and a positive global perspective.

From the moment a decision is made to attend Gimnazija Vič, a role is played by our school’s dedicated counselling team who provide assistance to those who are enrolling at our school. The team is at hand to answer any questions raised by those who have chosen Gimnazija Vič and their parents or guardians.

When a student is at our school, it is important that they feel happy, safe, and supported. This is achieved through a weekly class with their form teacher and meetings when requested with the school counsellors. In addition, open conversations are encouraged among all students and teachers to promote a positive atmosphere for everyone at our school.

When students reach their final year, advice and recommendations are made available regarding university and career options. Information is provided for education and work opportunities both in Slovenia and abroad.

A typical day at Gimnazija Vič begins at 8am and continues through until 2:15pm although many students stay later due to extra activities. Every class lasts for 45 minutes and there is a short break of 5 minutes between each class. Students have the chance to have something to eat during the morning break and lunch is available after classes have finished for the day in the school canteen.

Within the classroom, classes have a range of formats and use a variety of different sources and appropriate technology. Teachers prepare presentations, discussions, experiments, and debates in order to challenge their students and ensure a deeper understanding of the subject involved. Away from the classroom, there are opportunities through the four years of school for students to experience a different style of learning through field trips and camps. These take place both in Slovenia and in other countries.

Teachers are encouraged to use contemporary sources in their classes so that lessons are as up to date as possible and so students are comfortable in dealing with issues of the modern world. In addition, opportunities are available for teachers to further their own knowledge by attending courses organised by national agencies and international organisations. At our school there is a focus on cross-curricular classes and projects. These give students the chance to see how theory can be put into practice and to be aware of the connections between their different subjects. Both students and teachers have the chance to regularly work alongside the members of teaching staff who are native speakers of the languages taught at our school. This can be through presentations, discussions, team-teaching and through the organisation of special events through the school year.

In addition to regular classes, students with a particular flair or enthusiasm for a subject are given the chance to work with their teachers and other mentors to go far beyond what is mentioned in the standard curriculum.

Research work is viewed as so important because it encourages independent thought among the students. The work with other educational institutions proves beneficial as it allows our students to build a network of contacts in their chosen field of study.

Gimnazija Vič is known for having achieved great results in competitions at both a national and international level. We are proud of having won many awards and commendations for the work done by our students at contests and Olympiads around the world.

Students also have the opportunity to further their knowledge in different areas by attending the various lectures and presentations organised by our school. At these events, experts from Slovenia and other countries are invited to share their knowledge on a broad range of topics from across all the subjects taught here.

Gimnazija Vič has a strong tradition of having extra classes, groups, and meetings after our regular classes to allow students to gain new skills and work on the things they are passionate about. Here you will be able to learn some things about a selection of these activities. If you would like to have further information, you can visit our website.