Kick-off meeting in Zagreb

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Kick-off meeting in Zagreb

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The emphasis of the project is on the interdisciplinarity of subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, History and Fine Arts, as well as the subjects Informatics and Ethics. The results of the project are a digital platform that will contain all the materials resulting from the project, the curriculum for the new subjects Numerical Modeling and Geophysics and supplementing the curriculum for Financial Literacy with financial mathematics, a mobile application for teachers of Physical and Health Education and work materials for students and teachers.

We announced a competition for the logo of the project and a student from Romania, Ada Radu, gave the best idea. Our students Matea Mandić (4.a) and Nikola Kovačević (4.b) refined the idea, and former student Mia Vučemilović did the graphic preparation and final look.

In addition to the Project Management package, the project has 4 packages: STEM 1 (the package manager is Prof. Zrinka Pongrac Štimac), STEM2 (the manager is prof. Katarina Tolić), the Humanities package (the manager is prof. Karolina Ujaković) and the Modern Technology package (the manager is prof. Snježana Pervan Primorac The coordinator of the project is prof. Ana Plavetić.