Students Teach Students About Machine Learning

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Students Teach Students About Machine Learning

On March 3, 2023, the lecture “Machine Learning” held as part of our Erasmus+ Green STEM project. Lecture designed by students from a group that interest in artificial intelligence and digital platforms in order to bring the topic of artificial intelligence closer to other students.

They started with the topic of Machine Learning, which applied to create programs that run artificial intelligence, that is, that have the ability to predict future events.

Whether you notice it or not, you are probably in contact with such machine learning algorithms on a daily basis.

  • Google uses machine learning to improve search results
  • Facebook shows you posts based on your interests and past browsing on the social network,
  • Netflix gives you recommendations that it creates by applying machine learning
  • self-driving cars monitor objects in the environment and use this data to improve their driving skills,
  • digital assistants use machine learning to advance speech recognition technology
  • it is used by various Chatbots (eg: ChatGPT – Open AI)
  • it is also used in face recognition and motion detection
  • it is applied in biology for DNA sequencing, tumor detection and drug research
  • in finance for credit evaluation and algorithmic selling
  • in energy for price forecast and network load

The lecture organized and mentored by teachers Saida Deljac and Predrag Brođanac.

The students who made the presentation and gave the lecture are Fran GlušacSven MatićSven MatkovićLucija Pešut and Gabriel Janđel.