Team Members

  • Karolina Ujaković (work package manager)history teacher, Croatia
  • Svjetlana Vorel, history teacher, Croatia
  • Vesna Mišljenović, fine arts teacher, Croatia
  • Vesna Muhoberac, croatian language teacher, Croatia
  • Mihai Piticar, history teacher, Romania
  • Natalia Piticar, geography teacher, Romania
  • Goran Stanikevski Gorjanski, history, North Macedonia
  • Dejan Stankovski, english teacher, North Macedonia
  • Ana Pejovska, Macedonian language and literature, North Macedonia
  • Pavle Janakievski, history, North Macedonia
  • Tjaša Koštomaj, history and geography teacher, Slovenia
  • Urša Neubauer, art teacher, Slovenia


Karolina Ujaković

We are planning to work on four themes that are going to connect History, History of Art and Languages. Cross-curricular topics such as Health, Sustainable development, Learning how to learn, Entrepreneurship, Personal and social development, Use of information and communication technology and Civic education.

Each theme is about historical person or event that remembered through a work of art (monument) and in literary text. We are going to deal with the historical context of the event, creation of the work of art (author, customer, work of art) and the fate of the work of art (long duration, removal and the fate of monuments of „unwanted history“.

We are going to design and create teaching materials and activities for 6 hours of teaching for each one of the proposed topics, design and implement field lessons and record a video work related to the chosen topics.

The topics are

1.  National heroes of the 19th century – the century of nations

2. Monuments of the First World War

3. Monuments of the Second World War

4. To whom we erected a monument in the 21st century?