Founded in 2008, our school offers international secondary education and promotes European academic and civilization values. Algoritam encourages students to realize their potential in a supportive environment and provides a warm home to our students from different nationalities and backgrounds. A high school in which every student is seen as an individual. A school in which you can truly be yourself. A school in which you are the best version of yourself. A school to encourage you to succeed, to make progress, to educate you, and broaden your horizons. A school to motivate you to be a better human.

We are a small community, but a family. We respect each other’s differences; we treat everyone fairly and consistently, we celebrate our different mindsets, we inspire each other as students learn and achieve their full potential.
There is only one Algoritam in the world, just like there is only one of you. Every student has different interests, different talents and hobbies, different targets. As a school, we cooperate together to fulfil the potential of each and every student and inspire them to achieve their goals.

The curriculum is designed to offer a broad spectrum of options and the quality of teaching is exceptional. Lessons are enthusiastic, educative, fun, thrilling, and purposeful.

The syllabus is characterized by an analytical study of a more specialized range of subjects, on the principles of the Finnish learning method. It focuses on teaching skills and acquiring knowledge, rather than teaching the content itself. Teachers continually monitor students’ progress to identify their strengths and weaknesses. All students are treated equally and fairly. Teachers encourage the full potential of students with special educational needs too.

Pupils at Algoritam are encouraged to ask questions without hesitations, to develop their own critical opinions, and to expand their interests beyond the syllabus through a wide range of academic talks and clubs.

Small class sizes focus on active learning to stimulate the learner. Learning through projects requires critical thinking and problem solving, and most importantly to learn to work in a team. In project-based learning, students present projects to their parents too. Project designs develop creativity too.

PSH Algoritam is equipped with a fully operational modern laboratory, where all biology, chemistry and physics experiments are conducted. The laboratory is supplied with ten microscopes, a skeleton, isolated environment with an aspirator and some measuring instruments. The students are able to carry out experiments and put theories into practice, which have helped them to win over 20 awards in the fields of science.

The school also provides tests for the second and third-year students – a professional orientation test that identifies guidelines for determining the future profession.

The school has a fully digital curriculum. Teachers use an e-Learning system and software. Online research is entirely encouraged.

In accordance with the Finnish Learning Method, Algoritam tests and examinations are kept to a minimum, and homework assignments are not common due to the students’ involvement and constant participation during classes.


·         Private High School Algoritam is founded on the principles of educational excellence.

·         Critical and independent thinking

·         High standards and expectations for every member of the Algoritam Family

·         Recognizing and acknowledging efforts

·         Encouraging and accepting different opinions

·         Shaping students to become engaged, curious, and confident



Bilingual instruction is conducted in two languages: instruction in mother tongue and instruction in another language, which may be another language in the country or one of the European languages. This implies not only the study of the other language in the country or the foreign language as a subject, but also the use of language in one or more other subjects. Bilingual teaching can be integrated into pre-school, primary, secondary, and university. According to the staff they have, schools offer the study of one or more non-linguistic disciplines in the foreign language (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, economics, music, etc.).


The aspirations for the PHS Algoritam are providing the students the essential tools and knowledge needed in daily life. The key to a successful career is applying new technologies and managing new applications and programs, regardless of the career choice.

Therefore, school subjects such as information technology course, programming languages and digital art are crucial for the education, primarily for strengthening creativity and logic.

Our students have got the opportunity to learn programming with robotic simulations. The STEM robots Cue and AlphaBot were the most reliable robot appliances for acquiring programming logic in 2019. Putting theory into practice is their main target. Analyzing the microcontrollers Raspberry Pie is assisted by the AlphaBot robot.

Throughout the four-year secondary education, the students of the PHS Algoritam have got the opportunity to work on a project for some company or organization, for instance creating an operating website with WordPress and a complete corporate branding.

Students acquire structured programming and Object-Oriented Paradigm – Programming C++, whereas in the third and fourth year of the studies more advanced data structures, sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, traversal algorithms are explained.

For those students who are interested in this area, there is a further opportunity to learn Java, JavaScript и C# and building applications with Node.js и AngularJS.

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, also and applications for making animations and editing videos: After Effects and Premier Pro.

The students create designs of surrounding everyday objects, posters, logos, t-shirts, business cards, brochures, design web sites, making videos and animations.  During the school year they learn many rules for making good design and use many marketing tools such as Canvas, GoAnimate, RenderForest, AniMaker…

Students have access to a huge database of paid online tutorials for continuous improving and self-studying.

Private High School Algoritam