The National College “Dragos-Voda” is located in the town of Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava County, in the Northern part of Romania, called Bucovina (coming from the german word “Buchenland”, which means “The Land of beeches”). This region is renowned in the entire world for its beautiful landscapes, rich ethnographic heritage and folklore but mostly for its religious treasure – the monasteries.

Our College, awarded in 2017 with distinction “European School”,  was founded in 1907 as a high school and it provides education for almost 550 students aged between 14 and 19 coming not only from our town but also from many towns and villages surrounding Campulung Moldovenesc.

Our College’s educational offer covers a wide area of subjects and disciplines including Languages and Communication, Mathematics, Sciences, Informatics and ICT, Social Sciences, Arts and Sports.  Our curriculum also includes optional courses during which our students are encouraged to discover their town, (declared in 2005 as national touristic resort) and its surroundings, in terms of historical, geographical, ecological, tourist, economic and educational. The mission of our school is to provide educational and functional framework for the improvement of educational services, enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning process, to ensure educational management, to facilitate performance of teachers and students, to create a real partnership between school and local, regional, national and European communities. The main goal of our institution is to promote a values-oriented education, to develop creativity, fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for students in order to achieve their access to the labour market.

A renowned institution with an experience of over 100 years in Romanian education, the National College „Dragos Voda“ is in present involved in:

  • Erasmus+ Accreditation project for 7 years (2021-1-RO01-KA121-SCH-000009830)
  • Erasmus+ KA210 project: „I will survive!” as partner (2020-1-HR01-KA201-077665)

and coordinated 3 Erasmus+ KA1 projects:

  •  “Using English Language – The Performance Factor in Education” (2014-2015) – 2014-1-RO01-KA101-001124 ;
  • “Through Creativity and Innovation to Performance” (2016-2018) – 2016-1-RO01-KA101-023912
  • “Innovative strategies of coaching for social inclusion” (2018-2020) 2018-1-RO01-KA101-048214

and various partnership projects and educational projects of active citizenship and durable development. The multi-lateral partnership project Comenius „Europe-youth-future“(2005-2006) had among its objectives promoting respect for the values of the partner countries and increasing students interest towards the issues of the community they are a part of.

The students of our college have been involved along the coordinating teachers in various national and local projects and partnerships focusing on preserving local traditions and customs of our region Bucovina. Our students also participated in many national contests in robotics area.