Erasmus+ Green STEM – Mobility in Zagreb, part 2

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Erasmus+ Green STEM – Mobility in Zagreb, part 2

Last week, the second mobility of the Erasmus+ Green STEM project took place.

On Wednesday, professor Tjaša Koštomaj from Slovenia, professor Mihai Piticar from Romania and professor Vesna Mišljenović visited the Jasenovac Memorial Center with their students. There they were met by the curator who very expertly guided them through the memorial area and the museum. Although the day was beautiful, the experience was harrowing yet educational. On Thursday, they visited the Dotrščin memorial park to collect photo and video materials. They also had the opportunity to compare the way of memory in the memorial park and the Jasenovac memorial center.

The STEM 1 team held two project meetings and piloted another activity of the Zagreb team.

The activity “In the Air” was held in the 1.F, and was conducted by professors Ivana Martinić and Zrinka Pongrac Štimac. Students from Romania and Macedonia joined the students of the 5th gymnasium again. Both colleagues and students liked the diverse work methods and everyone was happy to get involved, cooperate and contribute to the dynamic but working atmosphere.

At the first working meeting, our team’s plans were described along with the development and production of the agreed materials. At the second meeting, colleague Helena Potočnik Vičar from Slovenia presented plans related to the creation of interdisciplinary activities. We discussed all the examples together. They are excellent, innovative and interesting, as well as those prepared by the team from Skopje.

Students attending the optional course Financial Literacy attended a lecture by Professor Ana Špirelja Gruić on the topic “Application of Mathematics in Entrepreneurship”.

As part of the STEM2 work package, the biologists agreed on the creation and implementation of activities, and on Wednesday in 3.C they piloted the EKG and heart in numbers workshop, and on Thursday they piloted the digestive system simulation workshop. Students from Macedonia and Slovenia participated in both workshops.

At Robotics, they tested the materials for the robotic arm. The students built a simple robotic arm and controller through two workshops and at the end they got a functional robotic arm.

On Thursday morning, all project participants visited Krapina and the Museum of Krapina Neanderthals.

The coordinators of all schools held a meeting where they agreed on the next mobility to be held in Ljubljana in April 2024.

Thank you to our partner schools for coming to mobility and see you in Ljubljana.

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