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aktiVan – mobile application

“aktiVan” is an innovative mobile application for high school students with the aim of encouraging healthy lifestyle habits through outdoor extracurricular activities. The application uses GPS technology to track and analyze different activities such as running, cycling, walking, hiking and rollerblading. Users can track kilometers traveled, time, number of steps and calculated calories. All information is easily accessible and organized in one place.

One of the key features of aktiVan is the integrated buddy system that allows users to compete on leaderboards. This creates a motivating environment, where high school students can track their progress, but also compare it with the achievements of their friends and other users. Also, professors have the possibility of insight into the activities and achievements of their students, which enables them to evaluate them.

“aktiVan” will be piloted in schools within the Erasmus+ Green STEM project, where it will be integrated into the school system for physical education teachers. The success of the pilot project could lead to a wider implementation of the application in the educational system of Croatia, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science and local institutions. In the future, the application could be expanded to other sports, centralizing information and competitions in one place, which would further enrich the user experience and allow students to access all information for high school sports in one place.

The goal of the “aktiVan” application is to create a healthy and motivating atmosphere that encourages young people to have an active outdoor life, using technology to achieve this important goal.

A manual for teachers will be created along with the application. A website for teachers is also under construction, where they will have access to all the data of their students.

The students from V. gymnasium who created the application are Gabriel Janđel (4.e), Fran Glušac (4.f), Karlo Vizec (1.c), Sven Matić (4.f), Sven Matković (4.c), Filip Sekelj (1 .c) and Fran Češljaš (1.c). The students were mentored by professor Brođanac. The students came up with the design themselves and implemented it in the code, and came up with navigation algorithms. It is planned that the application will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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