Second phase of project started

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Second phase of project started

On Monday, the second mobility of the Erasmus+ project Green STEM started. After the opening speech of the director Tihomir Engelsfeld, the project coordinator, professor Ana Plavetić held an introductory presentation. Our colleagues and their students from partner schools came to the mobility.

????As part of the STEM 1 work package of the project, a project meeting was held yesterday at which colleague Goran Mihajloski from Skopje presented interdisciplinary activities within the framework of four main themes: fire, water, earth and air. In the afternoon, colleague Marijana Žgela Putniković held a piloting of the “Green Hydrogen” activity in 3.C. Students from partner schools also participated in the piloting. In the evaluation of the activity, colleagues and students expressed very positive impressions and they liked the concept of the class, the form of work, the engagement of our students, and especially the expertise and preparation of colleague Žgela Putniković.

????As part of the Modern Information Technology package, students attending the initial level of Financial Literacy had a workshop with professor Snježana Pervan Primorac on the topic of Entrepreneurship – Socially Responsible Business.

????As part of the humanistic work package, professor Mihai Piticar held a lecture on “How Romania teaches about the Holocaust in Croatia”. Professor Svjetlana Vorel held a workshop and they visited the monument of Ban Josip Jelačić.

????Professor Katarina Tolić, professor Gabriel Anastasiu from Romania, and professor Tjaša Bajc from Slovenia held piloting of the material (one of the manual’s chapters) from Numerical Modelling. After that, a meeting was held with partners about future activities within the project.

????As part of Biology, professors Romana Halapir Franković, Eva Šajn from Slovenia, and Dijana Micevska from North Macedonia visited the Chocolate Museum with their students within the framework of two topics; Biology of food – chocolate through history and chocolate as food and The secret life of body – testing the senses – the sense of smell and touch. A working meeting on creating materials related to this workshop was also held. In the afternoon, professor Eva Šajn piloted the materials on the topic of the Biology of food, after which the workshop was analyzed.

????At Robotics, the students worked with professors Ivan Novosel and Gabriel Anastasiu on servo motors that will be the main working part of the robotic arm. Throughout this week, they will be testing activities for making a simple robotic arm.

We look forward to the rest of the week on this mobility.

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