School is located in the architectural complex of “Lower Town grammar schools”, built in the late 19th century in the spirit of historicism: it is a valuable example of a neo-Renaissance palace, the work of two German architects from Leipzig / Berlin, A. Ludwig and L. Th. Hülssner, specializing in the design of school buildings. The project was commissioned in 1892, and the building was opened to the public in 1895, on the occasion of the arrival in Zagreb of King and Emperor Francis Joseph I.

V. Gymnasium is one of the best schools in the Republic of Croatia. It is located in the very center of the city of Zagreb. It was founded by royal decree on November 7, 1938 as the 5th men’s real grammar school, thus separating it from the then 1st grammar school.

V. Gymnasium is a school of natural sciences and mathematics. However, within such a focused form of education, there are three programs to choose from for prospective students when enrolling:

Program A – 2 foreign languages

Program B – 1 foreign language and increased number of math lessons (by 2) per week for all four years

Program C – 1 foreign language, increased number of mathematics hours (by 1) and increased number of computer science hours (by 1) throughout all four years

The school is equipped with two computer rooms, a physics lab, biology lab and a chemistry lab.

Our students who study German as a foreign language can take a free exam at our school to obtain the German Language Diploma II issued by the German Ministry of Culture (DSD II der KMK). As such, our school is a partner of other schools with a German language diploma program linked by the initiative of partner schools of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Germany. Through project teaching and with a communicative approach to language learning, students within this course develop competencies that are a prerequisite for success in the exam.

In addition to competitions within Croatia, students participate and achieve excellent results in numerous international competitions such as the International Mendelian Olympiad, English all around, Best in English, Statistical Olympiad, International Conference of Young Scientists, International Chemistry Olympiad, International Philosophical Olympiad, Winter Holidays Open…